My printer is not printing?
  - Make sure the ethernet (blue, yellow or gray network cable) is plugged in.
  - Make sure the printer is plugged in.
  - Verify whether or not other computers can print to the printer.
  - Make sure the printer has paper.
  - Try turning the printer off and then back on.
  - See if there are any error messages or warnings on the computer or printer.

I can't login to the network?
   - Verify that you are logging into the APS domain.
   - Verify correct username and password are being used.
   - Check to see if CAPS LOCK is on.

Password is not working for the following applications:
    - Windows, Enrich, Infinite Campus, Outlook, Oracle, CallPilot and Aesop.
    - Please contact the Service Desk at 28203 to have password reset.